Phase II Dual Cure Paste A in Jar

Phase II Dual Cure Paste A in Jar


The chemical cure working time is 4 minutes to allow several brackets to be positioned from one mix. An initial set can be immediately achieved by light curing from any angle for 10 seconds. This will prevent the loss of bond strength due to saliva contamination. This unique dual cure process allows complete polymerization under metal brackets where light does not reach. 18gm.


Phase II has a small particle size glass filler which constitutes a high
percentage of the material. The paste forms a solid matrix that
bonds stronger to itself than it does to the sealant. As a result, the
majority of the paste is removed with the bracket and what remains
is easier to remove than conventional composites. Phase II has a
unique catalyst system that does not require refrigeration. An active
archwire can be placed 5 minutes after last bracket is in place.