ADHESIVE-REMOVER.jpgAdhesive Remover
This instrument features a superior tip design that allows access to remove excess adhesive after debonding and a double ended replaceable blade.
Price $85.00
POSTERIOR-BAND-REMOVER.jpgPosterior Band Remover
This instrument safely and quickly removes posterior bands. The pointed tip slides under the band while the plastic tip protects the occlusal surface of the tooth for patient comfort.
Price $80.00
DIRECT-BOND-BRACKET-REMOVER.jpgDirect Bond Bracket Remover - Angled
This instrument features sharp tips that wedge between the edges of the bracket base and tooth surface to remove direct bond brackets safely and comfortably. The 60° angle allows easier access in the difficult to reach posterior brackets.
Price $89.00
ANTERIOR-BRACKET-REMOVER.jpgAnterior Bracket Remover
This instrument removes brackets easily by holding the side of the bracket in a horizontal position (under the tie wing) and applying pressure by torquing or turning in a clockwise motion.
Price $89.00
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