Safety-Knob Separators | Purple

Safety-Knob Separators | Purple

A separating module piece that has been designed to have two raised knobs which prevent the separator from going subgingival. Easily being stretched and put into place. In time the result being a desired space between teeth to insert a band or crown. 480 Modules (6 stars)

The Safety Knob Separators are ideal for posterior Separators and will stretch out to maximum limit using separating plier and return creating space between teeth. The molded round edges are unlike cut tubing separators and made only for orthodontists.

The safety knobs help keep subgingival loss from occuring resulting in less Radiographs needed. They also make the ‘weld line’ three times stronger. No barium sulphate means allows a stronger rebound. These knobs help retrieval of the modules by giving them something to grasp.