About Ortho Arch:

Ortho Arch was founded in 1974 by Michael Zerafa, the President of Ortho Arch,an honest hard-working man committed to providing the orthodontic industry with the highest level of product excellence and service to his customers.

In 2015, a new business partnership was created. Lindsay Brehm, founder and former President of Ortho Organizers brought his extensive knowledge in new product development, international sales, shared belief in providing superior customer service and product excellence to Ortho Arch.

Together, Michael Zerafa and Lindsay Brehm are building an organization that shares their common goals and beliefs to build a company based on providing innovative, quality Dental and Orthodontic products and excellent service.

We shall aim to comply with all national and international regulations and will strive to continuously improve our products, services and processes to meet the needs of our customers and organization.

Our Mission:

Ortho Arch is dedicated to the provision of high quality dental and orthodontic products which are innovative, user-friendly solutions for the professional dental and orthodontic practice.

Our Vision:

To become a leading supplier of dental and orthodontic products while ensuring that our quality products remain affordable and 100% reliable.

Our Values:

  • Offering our customers unparalleled customer service.
  • Accountability, ethics, authenticity, on-time delivery and world class quality products.
  • Respect for our employees, customers, and other interested parties.
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