The D2 distalizing appliance was developed to simplify treatment of Class II cases during the initial stage of treatment. The patented D2 design treats to a Class I platform by the intraoral elastics forces. Molars are distal rotated into their desired position. Brackets can be placed during or after the Class I correction is completed. The benefits of our D2 * one size fits all greatly reducing your inventory * Low profile design for greater patient comfort * Bilateral or unilateral case treatment * Simple to use and Easy to place * Reduce overall treatment time * Patented for both Class II and Class III treatment.


For the best results with the D2 distalizing appliance:

Starting your case with D2 Level 1 Elastics  1/4 in. 6 1/2 oz  #350-311

Finishing your case with the D2 Level 2 Elastics  1/4 in. 8 1/2 oz #350-312


If you would like to see an instructional video as to how to insert the D2 Appliance:

D2.jpgD2 Appliance

Set of 2

Price $129.00
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