GOTO-SYRINGE.jpgGoTo Syringe

GoTo is a light cure adhesive for metal and ceramic brackets comparable to Transbond* at a fraction of the price. It is designed with a viscosity that prevents bracket drift, which ultimately saves time and money. The centrix tips or push syringe delivery method gives the doctor increased control for an easier and more accurate application. The light cure adhesive cures quickly, allowing for immediate archwire tie-ins. 4gm.

Price $28.60
GOTO-CENTRIX-TIPS.jpgGoTo Centrix Tips
GoTo Adhesive Paste in Tips Features GoTo is a Light cure adhesive with superior handling properties. It does not allow bracket flotation once placed on the tooth or during flash removal. A fraction of the retail cost of leading, competitive Light Cure adhesives! 4gm.
Price $30.80
ETCH-LIQUID-9GM.jpgLiquid Etchant

9gm Bottle

Price $12.65
light_bond_3cc.jpgLight Bond Sealant w/Fluoride

3cc Bottle

Price $22.00
ASSURE_PLUS.jpgAssure Plus Bonding Resin

Will bond to any enamel type, wet or dry, normal or atypical, including deciduous, bleached, and dentin. In addition, Assure will bond to composite and metal surfaces without any additional primer. As our newest version of Assure, Assure Plus will bond to zirconia and acrylic temps without any additional primers and to porcelain without hydrofluoric acid. 6cc Bottle.

Price $91.30
GoToKitSyringe1GoTo Starter Kit (Syringe 4gm/ Assure +)Price $136.00
GoToKitTips1GoTo Starter Kit (10 Tips 4gm/ Assure +)Price $141.00
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