Mini Mold Starter Kit

Mini Mold Starter Kit


The latest and greatest way to light-cure your very own resin attachments within seconds. A variety of options to create, from bite ramps, temporary brackets, buttons, habit controls, molar pad, cuspid ramps, etc.


Make invisible aesthetic attachments in seconds. Mini Molds do the job quickly and easily. Just fill the mold (choose from 10 different treatment aids), place on tooth, and cure. In seconds, Mini Mold tips precisely cast a light-cured resin appliance.


Kit Includes:

(3) Button

(3) Bracket

(3) Wire Bonder - small

(3) Wire Bonder - large

(3) Tube 

(3) Molar Pad

(3) Habit Control

(3) Bite Ramp - 3mm

(3) Bite Ramp - 5mm

(3) Cuspid Ramp - adult

(2) Bonder Handles

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