GoTo Syringe

GoTo Syringe


GoTo Features:

  • Single Paste Light Cure Bracket Adhesive.
  • Zero bracket flotation.
  • Fast curing - allowing for immediate archwire tie-in's.
  • Flash comes comes off in one piece.
  • 3 Year shelf life.
  • Comparable to Transbond*
  • 4gm Syringe

GoTo is a light cure adhesive for metal and ceramic brackets that is comparable to Transbond* but a fraction of the price. It is designed with a viscosity that prevents adhesive run-on and bracket skating, which ultimately saves time and money. The centrix tips or push syringe delivery method gives the doctor increased control for an easier and more accurate application.


Tooth Preparation

Prophy the enamel surfaces to be bonded with plain oil-free pumice. Rinse thoroughly and dry teeth with oil and moisture-free compressed air.


With a cotton pledget or brush, dab the etching agent onto the entire area to be bonded. Allow 30 seconds for etching (60 for deciduous teeth). Avoid placing etching agent on soft tissue. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

Primer Application

Apply 1 coat of Assure or Assure Plus and dry with air. If Pro Seal or a Self Etching Primer are used, refer to the Proseal and Self Etching Primer Instructions for use for additional information. Proceed with application of the paste.

Application of Paste to bracket

Apply adhesive to bracket pad and smear into the bracket mesh. Apply bracket with paste to the etched tooth surface. Place bracket on etched tooth surface and cure adhesive at close proximity for 10 seconds*. Once the paste has been properly cured, an active arch wire can be placed immediately.

Thermoplastic Aligners

Prophy, etch, rinse and dry the enamel. Condition the prepared enamel with Assure Universal Bonding Resin. Apply GoTo paste into the aligner matrix, set matrix and light cure for 10 seconds*.

*Note: Curing times depend on the intensity of the curing light. The total curing time can range from 6 seconds. Please refer to the light manufacturer for recommended curing times.

Bracket and Adhesive Removal

To remove GoTo™ use a ligature cutter to grab the adhesive at the bracket/enamel interface and pinch the bracket from the tooth. Remaining material can be removed with a Renew® Finishing System Bur and Renew® Finishing #383 Point.

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