This expansion appliance has the capacity to rotate, straighten/upright, distalize, and expand in the anterior and posterior arch in a comfortable, gentle and bio-compatible force. While expanding the arch this appliance is also, correcting the molar rotation. These results are possible due to transition temperature and shape memory. While inside the mouth the warmth activates it, causing movement the thermal energy built up inside the appliance then begins to move to return to its pre-programmed shape, a key feature of the appliance include a slower expansion allowing more comfort and more long term results rather than risking relapsing.

To measure patient arch lingual to lingual of first molars to get the initial length. Once this is done purchase and apply ideal size of expander to lingual sheath of bands to create the desired expansion of choice. Because, our Niti Palatal Expander is thermally activated. When cool spray is applied it becomes flexible and malleable. Once in position and the heat from the mouth is applied the appliance begins to work slowly and expand to the desired mm that it was pre-programmed to be.

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