Pro Seal LED

Pro Seal LED


6ml Bottle (contains fluoride) 



• 100% Polymerization: PRO SEAL® is the first sealant, chemical or light cure, that will completely set without an oxygen inhibited layer. This creates a smooth, hard surface that prevents leakage, protects the enamel, and makes paste cleanup easier.

• Highly Filled: Resists toothbrush abrasion.

• Fluoride Releasing Fluorescing: PRO SEAL® contains a fluorescing agent for easy monitoring of sealant coverage.

• Light Cure Sealant: No mixing.

• Universal Application: PRO SEAL® can be used under any light cure, chemical cure or dual cure paste system. L.E.D. PRO SEAL® has the same great properties as the original PRO SEAL® but can be cured with any L.E.D. or Halogen light. Now every office can offer their poor hygiene patients long term enamel protection!

CONTAINS: 6ml bottle.