Flow Tain

Flow Tain




FlowTain™ and FlowTain Lv™ (Lighter Viscosity) are light cured composites with a low modulus of elasticity, which makes them ideal for lingual retainers, splinting materials (e.g. fibers), and Indirect bonding of brackets. These materials are highly polishable which will reduce wear.

• Flowable Viscosity: Even though Flow Tain™ & Flow Tain LV™ are flowable materials, their thixotropic properties prevent them from slumping for better control.

• Needle Tip Dispenser: Using the tips provided, these materials are easily injected into lingual surfaces & are across fiber splints.

• Cured Composite Flexibility: Flow Tain™ and Flow tain LV™, when cured, have low modulus of elasticity & are not as stiff or brittle=e as convential composites.

CONTAINS: • 1.5g Flow Tain™ -19 gauge tips