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Porcelain Etchant w/Barrier Gel

Porcelain Etchant w/Barrier Gel


9gm Bottle  


Porc-Etch™ & Porcelain Conditioner are intended for use on glazed dental porcelain. The Porc-Etch™ will prepare all porcelain surfaces for the application of Porcelain Conditioner. Porcelain Conditioner is a silane coupling agent which chemically unites with the silicon in the porcelain and the acrylic in Phase II®, Excel®, Rely-a-Bond®, Light Bond™, Quick Cure™, Pad Lock®, Band-Lok®, Ultra Band-Lok® and Assure®. 7gm Porc Etch & 3ml Barrier Gel.

CONTAINS 7gm Bottle