Mini Mold® Composite Syringe | Clear

Mini Mold® Composite Syringe | Clear


Designed specifically for use with our Mini Molds® , but may also be used for bonding all metal, ceramic, and plastic brackets.

Contains (1) 5gm Syringe


Light-cure your own resin attachments in seconds!


Make fixed retainers, tongue cribs, and bite-opening appliances without impressions. Mini Molds™ do the job quickly and easily with 12 different tips. Simply fill the tip, place on tooth and cure. In seconds, Mini Mold™ tips precisely cast a light-cured resin appliance. Our new Cuspid Bite Ramp is ideal for immediate bite opening when the overjet is in excess of 5mm which is a superior alternative when preventing any possible trauma to the incisors. These cured resin attachments are more comfortable on the tongue and very easy to equilibrate.